Burly Bed (Miscanthus) Bale (100l)

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Burleybed is made from 100% Miscanthus and used by farmers as bedding for horses, cattle and poultry. Stables use Burlybed for their horse bedding, as a deep fill or shallow fill on rubber matting.

Burlybed can also be used for hutched animals like rabbits, guinea pigs and other rodent types. Burlybed is a diverse product that is suitable for most animals and pets.

How do I use Burlybed?
Use as you would shavings - put a 3cm covering on the floor of the coop.

Only remove wet patches and droppings. This is what makes miscanthus bedding so economical. This should be carried out regularly as good housekeeping. Top up as necessary.

How it works...
Miscanthus is a bamboo like structure with a spongy inner core; the outer casing gives structure and the inner core gives extreme absorbency.

The plant absorbs smells and liquids keeping them locked within the inner core.

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  • 100% miscanthus (elephant grass)
  • Economical, ultra-absorbent, lasts longer
  • Easy to maintain, saving time
  • Dust extracted
  • Carbon neutral and bio-degradable
  • Naturally sustainable product
  • Environmentally friendly crop

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