Easichick (10kg)

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easichick has been specially designed for birds. It is biosecure, absorbent and free draining, allowing poultry and other birds to dust bath as part of their natural behaviour.

easichick is ideal for free range and domestic poultry as it is:

Dust free
Bacteria free
Easy to use
Doesn’t blow around
Warm & comfortable
Tests in a free range environment have shown less bedding is needed, making easichick more economical too.

How to use easichick
Domestic Poultry and Game birds
Apply easichick to the floor or nest area of the rearing house at a depth of 3cm and replenish when required. If applying easichick directly onto earth floors, the depth should be 4cm to improve insulation.

Commercial Free Range Unit
When first laying easichick™ in your free-range unit the floor should be clean and dry, enabling the birds to have the best possible start. The bed needs to be maintained to a depth of 40 mm to 50mm. This enables the birds to work all the bedding. Too thick and the bedding will turn sticky; too shallow and the bed will clog and cap readily.

The bedding will require maintaining at the optimum depth. In adverse weather conditions, when capping takes place around the pop hole, easichick™ will break up freely with a light forking or by running through it with a Dutch hoe. Attention should be paid to the area under the light and any walk ways or platforms. The birds will work the litter up to a depth of 2” (50 mm) and with the free moving nature of easichick™ the birds will easily move it, keeping it aerated and enabling the bedding to stay dry.

Apply a good scattering (about 15mm) of easichick over the floor of the housing to ensure an absorbent layer of bedding.

Apply a deep litter of approximately 6cm to the floor of the housing for longer lasting bedding.

Tips & Advice

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