Fancy Feeds Chick Crumb (20kg)

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Uniquely formulated to provide a complete balanced diet for all types of poultry chicks, ducklings and goslings
Essential nutrients to promote good health and even growth
Quality protein with essential amino acids for muscle and skeletal development.
Cooked, highly digestible wheat for carbohydrate energy to support growth.
Includes betaine to help reduce the risk of dehydration
Fully balanced with vitamins and minerals.
With Sel-Plex® organic selenium to support the body’s antioxidant defence system and immunity.
Contains Bio-Mos® to optimise gut health & immune response
Medication free - Non-GM ingredients
Nutrient Specification
Protein 19%, Oil 4.0%, Fibre 4.0%, Ash 6.0%, Copper 25mg/kg, Methionine 0.4%, Vitamin A 12,000IU/kg, Vitamin D3 4,000IU/kg, Vitamin E 60IU/kg
Wheat, Hipro Soya, Wheatfeed, Full Fat Soya, Grass Meal, Dicalcium Phosphate, Soya Oil, Vitamins and Minerals, Limestone, Bio-Mos®, Sel-Plex®

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