Loose Dropping Formula (LDF) 500g New!


Chickens have a fast metabolism and need a constant supply of clean water. If they lose too much water through their droppings they very quickly become weak.

LDF ensures that chickens are able to maintain regular normal droppings and stay in top condition at all times.

Feeding instructions

In addition feed Immunotech by mouth for specific individuals that need extra help.

Increase rate of feeding LDF as required.

Mix one table spoon into mashed food per 10 adult birds twice daily for 5-10 days or continuously.


  • Maintains normal droppings
  • Maintains hydration
  • Keeps chickens in top condition


  • Composition - Aegle marmelos, Woodfordia fruiticosa, Uncaria gambier
  • Analysis- Protein 6.03%, Fat 3%, Ash 10.1%, Crude fibre 16.2%, Salt 0.6%

Tips & Advice

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