Revitaliser 250ml New!


A general purpose liquid supplement and tonic for chickens that may be under the weather and need a pick-me-up.

At the same time, it helps maintain good digestion and egg production at any time of year. This product is an essential part of any chicken management system.

1ml per bird into the drinking water. Or carefully syringe into the birds mouth.

Suggested ratio 1 part Revitaliser. 10 parts water.


  • The “pick me up” for chickens under the weather
  • Maintains good health
  • Supports digestion
  • Helps metabolise food


  • Composition: Autographis Paniculata, Eclipta Alba, Terminalia chebula, Boerhaavia diffusa
  • Analysis- Protein 0.11%, Fat 0.1%, Ash 0.5%, Crude fibre 0.5%

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