Coop Cleanser 1kg

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Our Coop Cleanser is completely unique to us. We have carefully selected blend a of 12 aromatic herbs and plant extracts, the chose plants are designed to act as a natural insect repellent and general well being enhancer for your chickens.
We have also mixed in DE Powder to ensure ultimate protection!


  • Known Blend Benefits:
  • Anti-parasitic and antimicrobial
  • Excellent pest repellent and anti-mite preventative
  • Anti fungal and antibacterial
  • Anti-inflammatory, soothing and healing
  • Antiseptic and widely used against stress and anxiety 
  • Mild decongestant (which can also kill air-borne germs in winter)


  • Usage Guide:
  • FOR NESTING BOXES and the COOP: Sprinkle a light dusting into each nesting box and in and around the coop. Can also be mixed with bedding.

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