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Gourmet Grit is a total grit solution, and much more besides. The multitude of tasty ingredients combine to help improve digestion and lead to a healthy lifestyle for your chickens. Gourmet Grit will help your birds in the development of strong bones, in the production of eggs and in the promotion of a silky plumage.

All of our pouches are approx 650g - 700g


Grit (Oystershell, Redstone, Limestone, Korrel, Seaweed, Stomach Stones), Minerals, Clay, High Protein Pellets, Millet, Biscuit Flour, Toasted Soya Beans, Beer Yeast, Charcoal, Egg Food, Vegetable Balls, Herbal Extracts, Wild Seeds, Peeled Oats, Aniseed.


  • Best way to use our pouches...
  • Sprinkle a bit into your hens daily afternoon or morning treat.
  • We found mixing it with Mixed Corn was the best way.
  • Scatter on the floor of the run and it will keep them busy for hours looking for all the different seeds.

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