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Red Comb is a totally unique poultry food which provides your chickens with a fantastic variety of tasty grains. The inclusion of Bamfords Orego Stim (BOS) Pellets also naturally increases general health by helping to improve intestinal flora, enhancing digestion and promoting a silkier plumage.

All of our pouches are approx 650g - 700g


Wheat, BOS Pellets, Cut Corn, Red Dari, Mixed Millets, White Dari, Black Sunflower, Naked Oats, Linseed, Safflower, Soya Oil.


  • Best way to use our pouches...
  • Sprinkle a bit into your hens daily afternoon or morning treat.
  • We found mixing it with Mixed Corn was the best way.
  • Scatter on the floor of the run and it will keep them busy for hours looking for all the different seeds.

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