Buff Orpington

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Buff Orpingtons are the most popular variety of Orpington. They are a big soft, fluffy hens which like to free range. Due to their size - wingspan ratio they are unable to fly making them the perfect hen for areas with low fencing.

Generally Orpingtons are extremely friendly and relaxed hens, they also weather well through the winter months thanks to their plumage. You may also find they often go broody but do make great mothers.

They should lay approx 180 large, light brown eggs in the first year.

We average an 85% fertility rate, all our breeding stock is carefully sourced in order to up hold the breed standard.

The parent stock is fed a quality Breeder pellet which contains extra energy and vitamins, making for a stronger chick.

We recommend that you collect the eggs if possible as this will give the best results. We can post eggs out but cannot promise the fertility rate after this.

We will contact you when eggs are ready to be collected or shipped as eggs are collected to order to ensure freshness!

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