Agrivite Poultry Mite Rescue Remedy 500ml

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A red mite infestation can result in lethargy,
anaemia, reduced egg production and even
Agrivite™ Poultry Mite Rescue Remedy contains
a wide selection of vitamins, chelated trace
elements, iron and key minerals. All of these
combined are particularly effective at aiding a
fast and effective recovery from a red mite attack


  • 25ml per 5l of clean drinking water for a period of 3 - 5 days


  • Contains B group vitamins to support epithelium recovery (skin and feathering) after red
  • mite damage.
  • Includes iron to aid with the synthesis of red blood cells and the symptoms of a red mite
  • attack such as lethargy and anaemia.
  • Vitamin E and Selenium improves immunity and trace elements improve vaccination
  • response.

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