Smite Biocare AGRISEC 250 5kg

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Smite Biocare AGRISEC 250, Bedding Conditioner and Sanitizer. Absorbs moisture and urinal deposits preventing the onset of coccidiosis and amonia build up.

Smite Biocare AGRISEC 250 Plus, Super Absorbant Ground Sanitiser. A ‘New Generation’ ground sanitizer and absorbent powder. Natural ingredients, including, yucca (combats ammonia), seaweed and essential oils but with the addition of Halamid (Defra Approved) disinfectant powder for improved germ-killing properties.


  • Absorbs at least 1.5 lt of water per kg of product - forms dry clumps which are easy to remove. Ideal for newborn piglets.
  • Suitable for all animals.
  • Does not contain phosphates.

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