Smite Professional Concentrate (1lt)


Smite Professional Red Mite Liquid is a concentrate which, when mixed at a 6% solution with water, will kill red mite in chicken houses.

1 litre bottle, comes with a pump which will measure a 30 ml dose.

SMITE will effectivly eliminate RED MITE and other parasites. Also effective against mite eggs

SMITE is non-toxic and does not contain pesticides, Pleasant odour and easy to use dosing pump

Economical, only 3-6% dilution required (1lit. makes up to 34 lit. of treatment), Efficient detergent degreaser and cleaner - ideal for removing organic matter

Suitable for all animal and bird housing, One product does it all. Smite the Mite! clean and disinfect, save time and money

Dilution guide for 6% solution: Add one 30ml pump per half litre of water

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